The Ties that Bind

A Questionable Wedding

Dear Lionel,

I have returned from what had to have been the oddest wedding, though most of the strange happenings were due to House Braye’s party. We were told to attend a wedding between Lady Braye’s brother, Erik Nesvon, and Emelia Gregor. We were to go in Lord Braye’s stead, and we were told to prevent the wedding from proceeding.

Along the way from Valken we were greeted by Godfrey Beckinsale and the familiar face of Robert Gallant, the man who tried to ambush us. I made sure to keep an eye on him. Whilst travelling Yb’sel received invitations to dinner every night from Emelia Gregor. I suppose Emelia Gregor wanted one last love affair before being married, but Yb’sel was not interested. At one point we ran into a group of Templars who were preparing to hang accused necromancers. Lord Aiden and I stepped in and reasoned with them, his uncle leading the Templar group certainly helped, and we took on the prisoners ourselves. They didn’t seem very capable of performing such dark magic, but one cannot joke about necromancy.

Once we reached the site of the wedding all the houses were greeted by Lord Erik Nesvon, and he announced the start of the wedding festivities, including wrestling, dancing, and poetry. Markus won first place in the wrestling competition, I participated in the dance competition, but as you know I have two left feet so I didn’t fare very well, Lord Aiden took first. And finally for poetry it was a tie between Lord Aiden and Robert Gallant, with Gallant taking the win in a duel.

During this time Lord Aiden met with his uncle to talk about cancelling the wedding, and he told us that the talk went well, but I had a feeling that his uncle planned to go through with the wedding. As for Yb’sel and Amelia, things ended very abruptly between them, I suppose Emelia Gregor is not used to being rejected. But the night before the wedding, Markus and I believed that Lord Aiden and Yb’sel were up to something, we saw them sneaking out and saw them enter Robert Gallant’s room, but we weren’t able to figure out what.

On the day of the wedding the hall was suddenly swarmed by monstrous beings, skeletons and the walking dead. We managed to fend them off but in the fight they made off with Amelia Gregor. We tracked them to a barbarian crypt, and we entered quietly through the back, as the crypt was swarming with the undead. When we finally found Amelia Gregor she was being used as a human sacrifice by a necromancer, Lord Aiden and Markus quickly stormed in and we fought his undead minions, whilst I set the necromancer on fire, and Yb’sel dealt the killing blow with one of her arrows. After the fight we noticed that the necromancer was in possession of a bag of Andorrian coins, and a spell book which was given to me.

Once we had rescued her the wedding went on as planned in the evening a few days later, Robert Gallant at one point professed his love for Emelia and begged her not to marry Erik Nesvon, but she quickly rejected him. Then Markus opposed the marriage and fought a duel of honor with Robert Gallant, as Markus accused Amelia Gregor of being tainted by black magic, but Gallant came out the winner and the wedding came and went.

Whilst travelling back, Lord Aiden tracked down his uncle in the Templars and met with him about the potential taint of black magic Amelia Gregor might have, his uncle agreed to look into it, which means that our mission to Lord Braye may not be a failure in the end.
It was been a harrowing time for the entirety of our group. When I saw the necromancer with Amelia Gregor in the crypt, I was tempted to watch to see what he was chanting, but I couldn’t let an innocent girl get slaughtered for black magic. Perhaps I can still investigate this black magic in case we encounter it again, I still have the necromancer’s spellbook in my possession.

Andrea Taihorne



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