The Ties that Bind

Glory and Offense

This entire tournament affair seems to have gone quite poorly for the Braye household.

For some inexplicable reason, a knight known as the “Eagle Knight” seemed to carry some sort of personal hatred for House Braye, and has been spreading terrible lies on the route to the city, claiming an affiliation with necromancers. The absolute idiocy of the peasantry blinded them from recognising the pure absurdity of the claim, and instead, they were cold and inhospitable to our patronage. It seemed that with almost every inn we took lodgings at, there was a fight to be found, and we were even downright refused service at one of the establishments. All of this, without any sort of evidence, and even after Aiden proved himself in decisive combat. The people are man! Even Andrea feared for her life, and chose to spend the night in the company of myself and Fel’yn. It was absolutely ridiculous.

When at last we tracked down this Eagle Knight, she had nothing to say for herself. She must have been just as mad as the peasantry! Hell, I’m beginning to suspect there may be something in the water, just with how many people were bent on causing us harm without right or reason:

-The gatekeeper, who searched us without reason upon our entrance to the city, claiming it was a “random search”

-Prince Nathaniel, who was wont to side with our enemies in all situations, and detained us in his castle.

-George Gregor, who acted out against us very strongly in a needlessly public setting.

-Erik Nesvon, who decided it was most prudent to interrupt the grand ball so that he could seek “justice”.

-and James Brogwood, who attempted to frame us for the poisoning of George Gregor and Gabriel Evans.

Suffice to say, I would hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but it really is beginning to seem as if there is a grand scheme against House Braye.

Regarding the tournament itself, here are the major events:

An Aesmoori won the archery; there were few Elves in attendance, so this was hardly a surprise. Aiden won second at the joust to the King of Kronslund, which was fortunate for Braye publicity after George Gregor fell off his horse and died soon after one of their tilts. Aiden and Markus placed fifth in the paired melee, which was won by Imperials; Gabriel Evans collapsed in the midst of this event.

With the competitions of the tournament at attend, there was only the grand ball to attend before our departure and return to Godstone Castle the next morning. However, as previously stated, Erik Nesvon thought it best to accuse us of all sorts of false charges, and we were kept imprisoned for two days by the prince. Finally, some sense came into his mind (likely by his wife), and he allowed us passage into Bannon lands to settle the matter in the appropriate fashion.

In the Burig court, we were again accused of wrongings without any supporting evidence whatsoever, including the two poisonings. Fortunately, the Burigs were not stupid enough to fall for such falseness, and the claims were rightfully dismissed.

When we finally were free to return to the Godstone, Fel’yn shared with e news of an approaching stylstram. It was good fortune that I managed to convince Lord Braye of a stylstram’s severity, and we spent the following weeks in strict preparation. I only wonder now when nit will choose to subside.

~the twenty-first of Warrus



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