The Ties that Bind

Welcome to the North!

We arrived on the northern shores of the northern continent on the first day of Talvus. House Braye welcomed us warmly, though I am afraid my time spent at the castle has totalled less than half a day. Far from expectations, it would seem as if military tensions are quite high; I know not of any concrete details, but am beginning to question the quantity and quality of the house’s friends. So far, there is reason to be suspicious of House Gregor, as we caught them staging an ambush on the travelling party en route to the castle from the port. This turned out to be only a display of power, but I feel that any entity which feels the need to display power is either expecting to make trouble, or meet it. I will attempt to find out more. If there is in fact a war brewing, I would like to be able to offer them military support on our behalf.

The following is a detailing of the events of this past month:
On the night of our arrival, our supper was interrupted by news that the Andorrians had spotted barbarians headed northward toward Andorria. Lord Bastion Braye decided that in order to meet the Andorrian call to arms, he would send 120 infantry and personal guard to the rally point. The Magister Andrea Tainhorne and myself were to accompany them, hence my absence from the castle. Although highly unconventional, I could not pass up the opportunity to influence our relationship with House Braye in good Tordynaari fashion. However, seeing as my time has been largely spent with the Heir Aiden Braye instead of his lord father, my efforts have been directed at establishing good relations on that end instead. Thus, when we spied that the Braye hamlet Valkyn was under attack, we rushed to the people’s aid instead of maintaining our course to the rally point. Despite being severely outnumbered by barbarians, we managed to scare them off from the hamlet, and spent several hours assisting in the restoration of the hamlet.

An unfortunate piece of news here: it was discovered that the barbarians had been paid 100 Andorrian crowns to attack this hamlet. Although the captain of the guard was quick to assume House Gregor was responsible, I did my best to convince the Heir Aiden Braye not to jump to such simple conclusions. Our delay, coupled with poor weather, resulted in a later than ideal arrival at the rally point. However, we managed to reach the command tent before strategies were settled, which was fortunate seeing as the Andorrians wished to place us at the front lines while they sat comfortably afar from danger, until the Heir Aiden Braye convinced them to share in the responsibility of battle.

The battle itself proceeded in fairly straightforward fashion. Flanking the barbarians, both Braye and Gregor men fought well, though it needs to be said that it would appear that Braye was the better in this situation, and suffered few casualties. The Heir Aiden Braye took serious wounds, but the Magister Andrea Taihorne has seen to him and believes he will make a full recovery.

We are currently returning to Braye castle, though I feel the events of Valkyn have not yet passed the Heir Aiden Braye’s mind. I believe it would be unwise of him to pursue the fleeing barbarians with an army of tired and wounded men, but if he settles him mind on the decision, I will again support him to fain his favour and demonstrate Ishild’s ferocity.

Yb’sél Val’yn of Fyr’yn



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