Fel'yn Geld'yr

Aide to Yb'sél Val'yn of Fyr'yn


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 114lbs
Fair skin, brunette, pretty.


Fel’yn Geld’yr is Yb’sel’s aide, and has been since Yb’sel’s birth. 120 years old – still young by Elven standards – she is intelligent, though her shyness belies it at times. She is an honest Elf, loyal to country, and to blood , and has spent time with humans before. She has had the pleasure of Galimondan hospitality, and the misfortune of Aesmoori bigotry – this has made her somewhat wary whenever among humans.

She was recently kidnapped and made part of a horrendous ritual deep beneath the Giant’s Hand. Though she claims she is well, it is quite clear that she has been psychologically and emotionally scarred by the event.

Fel'yn Geld'yr

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