Godfrey Beckinsale

Knight of House Gregor


Ser Beckinsale of Gotstadt has revealed much about himself of late. A strong man with a strong head, he had been loyal to the Andorrians for much of his life. Unfortunately, his loyalty and hard work was constantly overlooked. He had often thought his actions would bring him a gift of land, and a glorious title. This never happened. In fact, he was made somewhat of a villain for investigating a Braye claim that Andorrians were involved in hiring barbarians as mercenaries.

When word spread that he was upset, he was promptly arrested. It was the Brayes that took him out of certain death, and took him back to the Godstone Castle. Though Aiden Braye had ordered him thrown into the dungeons, Lord Bastian Braye and his brothers and sisters knew it would be more wise to gain Ser Beckinsale as a potential ally.

Aiden was kept under the impression that Ser Beckinsale had been locked away until he was needed.

Now, Ser Beckinsale (reknighted under Valksbourg) has been given command of a small army to help secure the front lines. He swore to fight for Valksbourg, but can one ever trust a turncoat?


Godfrey Beckinsale

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