Lady Ava Braye


Ava Braye (maiden-name Nesvon) was born to Gale and Elizabeth Nesvon with, what some would consider, a silver spoon in her mouth. Though not the among the wealthiest Houses in Western Morinar, House Nesvon is certainly wealthier than most minor houses in former-Valksbourg.

Raised in a world of relative comfort, Ava grew close to her family and was always curious about family matters and governance. Not blinded by her family’s wealth, she understood the plight of the common man, and was virtuous in her treatment of those less fortunate than her.

When Ava came of age, she won the hearts of many men. Beautiful and intelligent, she had many men seeking her attention. Her parents, however, decided that her wedding would be a political one.

When she married into the Braye family, Ava kept close ties with her brother and parents. She knew, however, that her duties now lay elsewhere. As Lady of the House, she was responsible for organizing the house, and neutralizing what corruption lay within. When not busy with the political affairs of the house, she tended to her sons Morgan and Aiden.

When Morgan passed away, Lady Braye grew quiet and reserved. Though she is upset at Aiden for causing the death, she realizes that he is the future of House Braye, and that he must be prepared for his upcoming duties.


Lady Ava Braye

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