Lord Bastian Braye

Lord of House Braye


Bastian Braye, son of Elrig and Anna Braye, has always been known for his strength, his valour, and his loyalty to blood. While serving under Lord Avondale, he performed his duties with utmost care, and made sure to uphold the values of Braye. In his early years as a military commander, Bastian was tremendously successful. He led by example, and as a friend – jovial as he was, he commanded respect.

It was only a matter of a few years before this loyalty and his bravery led to House Braye’s commendation. Bastian was honored after he single-handedly fought off an assassination attempt on the young Lord Avondale. The old lord Avondale, and his stewards in charge of House Avondale at the time determined that Bastian was worthy of praise for his actions. They also felt that his selflessness and sacrifice deserved recompense. The Brayes, as a result, were gifted their own estate.

Bastian Braye, now a Lord of his own house, was content. A few years later, House Nesvon approached House Braye with money, a beautiful woman, and the offer of a political marriage.

A treaty was made, a wedding was had, a bed was broken, and two children were born. Morgan and Aiden would carry forward the Braye name.

With his earlier successes behind him, Bastian Braye felt untouchable, despite his disability. Once he drew up a plan of action, Bastian would rarely alter it – convinced that his way was the only way. It was this stubborn behaviour that resulted in his greatest shame – causing the death of Lord Avondale on the battlefield. Though his name was besmirched, Bastian continued to serve under the Avondales.

As time went on, it became evident that Bastian favoured Morgan over Aiden. While both boys would fight for their fathers attention, the victor was always clear. It came as no surprise that Morgan’s death crushed the man completely.

A shell of who he used to be, Bastian is now a cold, stern leader. Concerned for the future of his bloodline – for he has little faith in Aiden – he spends much of his time brooding. He feels that, upon his passing, the House of Braye will crumble and be forgotten.

Lord Braye found solace in The One God when He came to his doors. Having fallen deathly ill, his prayers were heard by this new God, and he was healed. In his zeal, he ordered the soldiers of House Braye to begin constructing a church in which to worship this God.

This act, unfortunately, led to him being put under house arrest by Aiden, and the installation of a regency council. Locked behind his chamber doors, he spends his time wishing Aiden had been the one who died.

Lord Bastian Braye

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