Yb'sél Val'yn of Fyr'yn

Don't hit if you can honourably avoid hitting, but never hit soft!



  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 90
  • Build: Slender
  • Height: 6’1", 185.5cm
  • Weight: 120lbs, 54kg
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Skin Colour: Fair
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • General Appearance: Attractive
  • Birthday: the twenty-second of Burmus


ST 11 HP 10
DX 12 Will 12
IQ 14 Per 14
HT 10 FP 11

Advantages and Perks

Acute Hearing 1
Acute Sight 1
Night Vision 1
Magery 0
Extended Lifespan 2
Comfortable Wealth
Social Chameleon
Striking Strength 1
Honest Face


Elven (Native)
Common (Accented)

Disadvantages and Quirks

Sense of Duty
Low Pain Threshold
Horrible Hangovers


Detect Lies-15
Current Affairs (Politics)-16
Fast Draw-14



Name Damage Acc Range RoF Shots
Hals’y Uhn thr+1 imp 2 x15/x20 1 1(2)

(Regular Bow / Bodkin Points)

Name DR Location Weight
Double Mail Hauberk 5/3* Torso, Groin 22 lbs
Mail Sleeves 4/2* Arms 4.5 lbs
Heavy Leather Leggings 2 Legs 2 lbs
Legionary Helmet 4 Skull, Face 3 lbs
Leather Gloves 2* Hands neg.
Boots 2* Feet 1.5 lbs
Heavy Cloak DB2
Arrows 25/25 Regular; 25/25 Bodkin 5 lbs
Hip Quiver 0.5 lbs
Scribe’s Kit 2 lbs
Lantern 2 lbs
Oil 1 lbs

The Lady Aaldrya of House Val’yn has two concubines besides her husband, the Lord Val’yn. From these are born her three bastard children, the eldest of which is named Yb’sél Val’yn. Although they are not suitable heirs to the Val’yn line, Lady Aaldrya allows her bastards to be respected members of the house, and when they come of age, to take influential roles in family affairs. When Yb’sél reached this time of designation, she chose to take the role of envoy, hoping to serve the nation of Fyr’yn in Internal and foreign affairs.

A childhood spent with eligible heirs and competing bastards meant learning the value of placing words before actions very early on. Gifted with this practice, initial assignments fell perfectly in place to House Val’yn’s wishes, and it was speculated that Yb’sél might help see a new age to the house’s glory. Eventually, Yb’sél’s successes in simple assignments granted her the gracious opportunity to a long-term posting to strengthen the bond between House Val’yn and House Set’yl, but it was this first perennial duty that marked the beginning of her unthinking mismanagement.

It was in this assignment that she spoke directly with the Set’yl envoy, the lovely and older Dion’Ys’ya. Suddenly, Yb’sél found that she was no longer able to guide conversation as she wished to, but had to struggle to keep things on track, and was often caught on the back foot. Dion’Ys’ya’s ability to take control of the discussion was beyond admirable, and Yb’sél soon found herself enamoured and growing increasingly obsessed with her beauty and wisdom. Although she fought to conceal it, Yb’sél was frustratingly aware of the flirtatious tinge her words were beginning to display. Long nights were spent distracted, the ever-tempting thoughts of Dion’Ys’ya’s carnal-self clutching Yb’sél in a primitive, gnawing hunger.

Despite all efforts, Dion’Ys’ya was not unaware of Yb’sél’s sentiment. Yb’sél was confronted on the topic, and, not wanting to further embarrass herself in front of a foreign envoy, admitted to her fault in diplomacy. Yet in spite of her mistake, Dion’Ys’ya would not accept an apology, instead optimistically suggesting that a romantic relationship could not negatively affect the relationship between the two houses, and could even lead to closer ties. A compelling argument was made, and Yb’sél chose to discount the flaws in logic in order to unashamedly satiate her infatuation.

Eventually, the two were discovered. The attempt to better the relationship between House Val’yn and House Set’yl was abandoned. Yb’sél’s ashamedness at being so easily manipulated forged a resolve to redeem herself, her family, and her country.

Character Relations

Aiden Braye
Aiden’s abundant charisma is a positive note in Yb’s books. He is both friendly and polite, and is certainly a capable leader. It has become clear, however, that rightful claims to lands and titles are very important to the young lord, and Yb is determined to ensure that his upcoming marriage is more fruitful in this regard than detrimental. His recent show of concern regarding the well-being of his accompanying party is much appreciated.

Andrea Taihorne
Although initial thoughts toward Andrea’s recent actions in the Andorrian caves fell to extreme distrust, closer deliberation has led to the conclusion that she still remains true to the Braye house, and is certainly lacking in intelligence. She is now addressed by her first name “Andrea,” instead of her title, “Magister,” although much effort has been made to strengthen the ties of friendship. As Andrea has been the first to inquire about Yb’s personal life, Yb is trying to focus on Andrea’s kindness over her ineptitude.

Markus Heinrich
Markus is a dull man with little interest in anything of the intellectual world. If not for his incredible ability on the field of battle, he would be easily forgotten. However, his quick action in times of necessity show the best of his virtues, and his presence is appreciated. Yb has taken to referring to him as “Captain” instead of simply “Markus.”

Lord and Lady Braye
Lord Braye is an absolute lunatic in all regards, although his potential remnants of power within the castle are not to be overlooked. Careful action must be soon taken to ensure no loyal subjects of his remain in influential roles. Lady Braye, on the other hand, appears to remain reasonable. Yb hopes that ties can be strengthened between the Lady and herself on their journey to Burig lands.

Yb'sél Val'yn of Fyr'yn

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