House aedenCurrent Ruler: Ser Maiara “the Heartless” Áedén
Country: Sorwyn
Capital: Byn’yr
Allies: Fyr’yn, The Principality of Galimond, The Nation of Kronslund (through Fyr’yn)
Sigil: A purple roaring lion within a golden yellow sun.
House words: “Good fortune is not gifted”


Prehistory and the Golden Age
House Áedén ruled the Elven Empire as it grew to prominence. The first house of Elves, it was destined for greatness, and helped create the very foundations of Elven culture, law, and existence.

The Green Ravage
The majority of House Áedén fell as The Green Ravage tore the Empire to shreds. Unable to hold its ground, House Áedén was left without land when House Ishild decided to separate itself from the Empire, and take its holdings with it. House Áedén became without land and home as House Ishild fought off the The Green Ravage under its own banner. But House Áedén was proud, and it would not continue to live in this lowly manner.

The Parting of Ways
The Parting of Ways resulted in the remaining Elven bloodlines choosing sides. On the one hand stood House Ishild – steadfast in the worship of Tordynaar. On the other stood House Áedén – insisting that Imyrll deserved continued worship. Religious tensions resulted in political tensions, and Fyr’yn was ultimately cut in two, resulting in the formation of Sorw’yn. House Áedén once again had land, having rallied numerous land-holders to its ideologies. Though by no means as great as it once was, House Áedén grew satisfied and complacent with its situation, despite constant struggle in fending off more Orcs and Goblins from the east.

Silver Age
During the Silver Age, House Áedén grew very prosperous, along with the entire nation of Sorw’yn. Focussing largely on itself, and avoiding any involvement with the Dwarves’ wars, House Áedén lost much respect. But the Great House did not care, for it held back constant incursions to the west, and did so valiantly, while rebuilding the culture of the Elven people.

When the Dwarves attacked Fyr’yn, however, House Áedén joined House Ishild in defending Elven lands. Everything House Áedén did, it did for the glory of the Elves. They were not prepared for the accusations that came soon after Anguish.

The Second Fall
House Ishild was convinced that House Áedén and the people of Sorw’yn were responsible for the deaths of their leaders. Despite insisting that they were not involved, House Áedén was labelled a traitor.

House Áedén became focussed on itself once more, and grew cruel and callous to outsiders. Constantly holding off the Orcs and Goblins from the East, House Áedén was unable to spare any troops from Sorw’yn when Fyr’yn requested assistance against Humans as a chance at redemption.

The Era of Reconstruction
Despite the inability to help, diplomacy between House Áedén and House Ishild began, and resulted in a restoration of bonds. Ser Ár’yl Ádén, head of the house, passed away soon after these bonds were restored. His son, Ser Maiara Áedén took charge, and continued to fight the horrid creatures from the east – this time with help from brothers and sisters in Fyr’yn.

Emissaries from House Ishild approached Ser Áedén a hundred years later, and proposed that the two houses get involved in the war between Humans. Seeing the value in this campaign, Áedén immediately provided support to House Bannon, and Galimond. While House Bannon fell, House Laurent has become a valuable ally of the Elves.

The Modern Day
The relationships formed during the Era of Reconstruction remain strong. Trade is bountiful, and past hatreds are mostly buried. Cultural trade with House Laurent has resulted in a slightly more hedonistic sub-culture to grow in Sorw’yn, but House Áedén has chosen not to quash it. Apostates from House Áedén have started to trickle out into the Human lands, and House Áedén has followed suit with House Ishild, and removed restrictions on faith within Sorw’yn’s borders.

When High Priestess Aylen Ishild began the War of Stolen Homes, House Áedén immediately provided assistance however it could. Not only did this further strengthen the ties between the two houses, but it also bolstered the Elven offensive to regain Blood Wood. This puts a strain on the relationship House Áedén has with Galimond and Kronslund, but the three remain close for now.

In the present day, House Áedén grows more warlike, fighting constantly on two fronts. Though it is not as glorious as it once was, the men and women of the house intend to regain that past.


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