Forms of Address

Throughout Morinar, the methods of addressing the nobility are generally the same. When addressing the king or queen, one would refer to them as his or her majesty. Usually for any noble of lower rank than the monarch, a simple lord, or lady would suffice, unless it were an extremely formal situation. Knights are also referred to as sir, and damsels are referred to as dames.

In general there exist only two major exceptions to this rule. In Kronslund, there exist many more formal titles for their knights than anywhere else in Morinar. It is also not uncommon for lower ranked knights to refer to their superiors by their formal title as well. Examples of such titles are: knight-gallant, knight-captain, chevalier, cavalier, and so forth.

The second major difference exists in the New Empire. Due to their adherence of the old ways, they also use the much older titles that were used in the Old Empire. The equivalent Talgenori titles are beside the Morinaran titles on the left.

Morinaran Titles/Old Imperial Titles

  • Lord Sovereign / Emperor or Empress
  • Monarch / Prince or Princess Elect
  • Archduke or Archduchess / Praetor
  • Duke or Duchess / Judicator
  • Marquis / Quaestor
  • Margrave / Legate
  • Earl / Dominus
  • Viscount / Patrician or Matrician
  • Baron or Baronness / Margrave
  • Lord or Lady / Langrave

Forms of Address

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