House Avondale

Lord: Gregor Avondale (Age 10) Avondale estates are at the moment governed by a council

Country: The Sovereign State of Valksbourg (Now part of the Nation of Andorria)


Sigil: A vert and or field with a per bend division, and a saitre of gulles towers

House Words: Upon our shoulders

Demonym: Valksbourger

Throughout their existence, House Avondale has always stood firm in their support for their leige’s house. Raised up from being a mere landed knight in the service of the Bannons, the first lord, Lord Nathan Avondale was awarded estates north of The Giant’s Hand for playing an integral part in saving Bannon family members from the maurading Everites. The years continued to be kind to House Avondale, as their estates slowly grew in size and splendour. Key marriages and support of the templars and the church further cemented their rise to power in the end of the warring states era.

When the Andorrians began to annex Valksbourg, House Avondale was one of the most strident voices pushing for Valksbourg to retain their independence. Their forces were at the forefront of the various resistance attempts. This did not endear them to the new Andorrian lords once all resistance attempts finally failed. Their luck did not get better when a foolish decision by House Braye cost them their liege lord. Now the current lord is the orphaned Gregor Avondale, who is only a mere child. At the moment Avondale’s estates are being overseen by a council, and in Braye eyes, what decisions the council has made have not been particularly wise.

The People of House Avondale
Castellan Jans Avondale
Magister Priscilla Hauser
Master at Arms Gabriel Evans

House Avondale

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