House Bannon

Head of the House: Lady Natalia of House Bannon House bannon

Country: The Sovereign State of Valksbourg (Now part of the Nation of Andorria)

Capital: Visograd

Allies: None

Sigil: Sable field with two or bears rampant and an azure saltire

House Words: “We endure, we remain”

Demonym: Valksbourger

During the Talgenorian Expansion

It was late in the year 32 T.E. when House Bannon joined the expansionist effort when they were defeated in pitched battle by a rival house and forced to dedicate their lives to expanding the Empire to maintain their last shreds of honour and dignity. Having been one of the last houses to join the pacification of western Morinar, it was only natural that they get the bleakest stretch of land: the north. Containing nothing but poor fields, and being full of dangerous barbarians and mountain folk, it was avoided by all the greater houses as it wasn’t seen to be worth the pacification effort. The Bannons took to this task grudgingly and eventually cleared the northmen albeit at great cost.

During the Period of Warring States

The Bannons were not dealt a fine hand in life, and it did not deal them a better one during this period. The Talvosians at this time had a semi legitimate claim on several of Valksburg’s southern territories due to marriages that had been made. Having not been blessed with the biggest army thanks to their barren lands, the Bannons and their bannermen struggled to hold their own against the Talvosian offensive. Help came when the men of Andorria rode to their aid, and reinforced the Bannon line. The respite however was only short lived, as in fear of losing the momentum the Talvosians unleashed foul dark magicks and raised the dead of the battlefields to continue pressing north into Bannon territory. By the time the other Kingdoms rallied to oust the Talvosians from their seat; it was too late for House Bannon. With most of their royal family dead or missing they quietly seceded to Andorrian annexing after a brief series resistance attempts and thus lost their status as a sovereign nation.

In Modern Times

Having been crushed both militarily and economically in the ruins of the period of warring states, House Bannon resigned itself to serving on as a bannerman for House Martin. Keeping themselves in the north they have largely remained out of the public spotlight elsewhere. The last of the Bannons living in the north consist of Lady Natalia, and her two children, William, and Melissa Bannon, aged 10 and 8 respectively.

House Bannon

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