House Braye

Head of the House: Lord Bastian Braye

Country: The Sovereign State of Valksbourg (Now part of the Nation of Andorria)


House Words: “Steadfast and true”

Demonym: Valksbourger

In Modern Times

Outside of Valksbourg, the Braye bloodline was relatively unknown until the previous generation. Within the country, they were known to breed strong warriors and tacticians, and played a small, but efficient role in most battles in which Valksbourg fought. After the annexation by Andorria, the Brayes nearly faded away into nothingness. Unperturbed by this loss in standing, Bastian Braye insisted that his kin must continue to uphold the values upon which they had been raised. Ultimately, it was Bastian Braye’s valour that brought back some recognition for the House. Sacrificing his own safety for his leige lord Avondale’s young son, Bastian Braye lost his leg, but earned what is now the Braye Estate.

With Bastian’s eventual marriage to Ava Nesvon, more eyes looked upon this fledgling house. House Nesvon was wealthy, and established. If they saw an interest in the Brayes, there must have been some reason.

As it stands, Bastian fears that the time of the Braye is almost over once more. Recent events that led to the death of the old lord Avondale has strained the relationship with House Avondale. On top of that, the young lord Avondale has little power, and his stewarding council is leading the house in a path that concerns Bastian. Apart from this, Bastian also has little faith in his heir, his favoured son having recently passed away, and worries that he and his House will be all but forgotten in the years to come.


Stat Total Remaining
Lord Level 4
Defense 35 05
Influence 26 10
Lands 37 00
Law 20 20
Population 18 18
Power 37 00
Wealth 30 00


1 small castle (Godstone Castle) 30 Defense
1 heir 20 Influence
Mountain 9 Lands
Plains 5 Lands
Coastline 3 Lands
Hamlet (Zieglund) 10 Lands
Hamlet (Valken) 10 Lands
Veteran Garrison 7 Power
Veteran Infantry 9 Power
Trained Infantry 7 Power
Trained Scouts 5 Power
Trained Personal Guard 9 Power
Maester 10 Wealth
Mine 10 Wealth
Artisan (Weaponsmith) 10 Wealth

House Braye Tree


The People of House Braye

Lord Bastian Braye
Lady Ava Braye
The Heir Aiden Braye

Castellan Jonas Braye
Steward Mia Braye
Mage and Advisor Andrea Taihorne
Templar Knight Ansbak Braye
Master At Arms Ver’yn Tal’ys
Vassal Knight Fredrik Daas
Knight #1 Leo Auyer
Knight #2 Gerhart Mayr
Master of the Horse Johanna Braye
Master of the Hunt and Kennel Master Lews Farstrider

House Braye

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