House Drago

Current Ruler: Emperess Ryia Drago, the second of her name, known as “The Iron Lady” House drago

Country: The New Talgenori Empire

Capital: Drakenholm

Allies: None

Sigil: An argent dragon rampant, with a purpure field, and a sable fess

House words: “Faithful we remain”

Demonym: Talgenori

During the Talgenorian Expansion

House Drago began its rise into fame by earning the favour of the Emperor Astemius in a grand melee at the old Imperial capital. Astemius, impressed by the discipline and valour shown by the Drago’s began to actively push them into higher and higher circles, and while this had resulted in them earning the ire of many greater houses, they also earned much fame and glory as they began to push their newly sworn bannermen further and further west in the great expansion. One of the first great houses to arrive in the west they claimed territories close to the Dwarves, seeing a kinship of sorts with the values and principles both hold dear. They did not cast away the Old Empire and declare their own independence as the other nations did.

During the Period of Warring States

Largely unknown to others during this period, the great disaster that gave independence to the nations of western Morinar also gave birth to their potential doom. A new power arose in what were once the richest and most bountiful parts of the Old Empire: the orcs and goblins. While always a problem before hand, it wasn’t until after the disaster that they grew to epidemic levels. Streaming in from the east in the hundreds and the thousands, the eastern portion of Morinar was under threat of total annihilation. Complete collapse was only prevented by the Draconi Highguard companies; brave men and women of the New Empire who would die before letting a foreign invader despoil the rightful land of the Empire. On and on the battles in the mountains raged as the majority of the New Empires military might was expended in holding the line. Their only true foray in war against other nations proved to be spectacularly successful as they managed to launch a successful blitzkrieg against the Valeronians when they were preoccupied with the Galimondans. This shot in the dark proved to be worth the risk as the entirety of the nation of Valeron was annexed into the New Empire.

In Modern Times

In recent times the New Empire has taken to building many defensive fortifications along its eastern frontier to combat the orcish incursions. Most of the heavy construction has been focused into building a massive wall to block off the Boiling Pass. Additionally they decided to bar the entry of the Templar order into their country as the Templars refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the New Empire. This resulted in rumours of the New Empire creating a knightly order of their own, as both a means of protection, as well as an insult to the Templar order. In this time the frequency of Imperial raiding parties sallying forth increased greatly focusing mainly upon the Galimondan borders.

House Drago

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