House Laurent

House laurentCurrent Ruler: Prince Nathaniel of House Laurent, the third of his name, known as “Goldfingers” and Princess Laina of House Laurent

Country: The Principality of Galimond

Capital: Galros

Allies: The Nation of Kronslund, and the Sovereign Realm of Aesmoor, both nations bound by the “Pact of Three Kings”

Sigil: A per pale field of crimson and purpure with an or lion passant

House Words: “Honour in all things”

Demonym: Galimondan

During the Talgenorian Expansion

One of the houses that rose to prominence during the Old Imperial expansion back in 283 T.E. House Laurent fought at the forefront of many major battles during this time. They were renowned for their honourable etiquette in battle, always offering terms to their enemies despite at times being ordered otherwise. This attitude has rewarded them with the site of their current seat of power Galros, a place which sits upon a main tributary in the River Leithen. It was here that they had managed to convince a barbarian warlord of the futility of his struggle, after they had offered him terms despite being ordered not to. This warlord whose name is now lost to the mists of time, ended up throwing in his lot with the Imperials and contributed greatly to the expansion.

During the Period of Warring States

The Principality of Galimond entered the internecine warfare that had wracked the country after one of their bannermen were brutally murdered whilst he was crossing the then Valeronian border (now the south-western part of the New Talgenori Empire). Demanding recompense for the murder of a good man, the Valeronians attempted to lure the good king into a trap. Fortunately their plan had failed and chaos ensued as Galimondans hacked into Valeronians and vice versa. Thus did Galimond enter the war, and despite suffering from the treachery, war, and the undead, they emerged out of the fray battered but unbowed. After the Nation of Andorria had peacefully annexed the Kingdom of Valksburg in the north, and the New Talgenori Empire had done the same with their Valeronian neighbours in the south, the Laurents quickly gathered together the kings in the west. Together they then formed the Pact of Three Kings, an agreement that states each would go to the assistance of the other should ever the need arise to preserve their individual sovereignties.

In Modern Times

Despite the grand beginnings of the house, it seems that the strength in their blood has run dry; their coffers on the other hand have been filled to bursting with coin. Traffic upon the River Leithen has been kind to the house, but with the lack of moral fibre that they were once known for, the nobles in the Principality of Galimond have become more insolent hedonists than the ideals of chivalry that they once were. Border disputes have become commonplace as other nations eye their ideal location upon the Leithen and wish it for their own, and the winds of discord have begun to blow as many smallfolk now begin to openly complain of the corrupt nature of their noble betters. How House Laurent will respond to these struggles remains to be seen.

House Laurent

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