House Martyn

Current Ruler: King Frederic Martyn the second of his name, known as “the Blue Lord” and Queen Aleida of House Martyn House martin

Country: The Nation of Andorria

Capital: The Eagle’s Claw

Allies: None

Sigil: An or eagle displayed with an azure and sanguine per saltre field

House words: “Swift as the wind”

Demonym: Andorrian

During the Talgenor Expansion

A strong seafaring house, they distinguished themselves early in the expansion by leading the efforts to crush the Elvish navies. Up until this point the Talgenorian navies were slowly losing the war to the swifter hit and run tactics of the Elves. Having enjoyed unparalleled success so far, the Elves grew complacent and began to resupply their navy closer and close to the front lines. With no success yet in naval theatre the Emperor grew desperate and gave the command to House Martyn, a yet untested house at the time.

In a daring offensive that shocked the Elves out of their complacency, House Martyn led a night attack against the main port of the Elvish navies. Having been caught completely unawares the Elven ships were smashed into kindling and the balance of sea war went once again back to the Empire. After that crushing victory the Emperor gave House Martyn overall command of the navies from then on and they swiftly crushed the last but at the time still lethal fragments of the Elven navies. They then claimed the north-west as their reward for their dutiful service.

During the Period of Warring States

Up until House Talvosian began to use dark magic, House Martyn had largely attempted to stay out of the various internecine conflicts that had appeared during this time. It was only when such heinous acts were being committed that they could sit still no more; riding forth to the aid of House Bannon they struck a telling blow against the Talvosian host. However despite their intervention the north became a broken nation after the period of warring states had ended. House Martyn annexed the sovereign state of Valksbourg after a series of resistance attempts by the Valksbourgers.

In Modern Times

House Martyn has been greatly credited with the current period of peace and prosperity within their nation of Andorria. Not one to rest on their laurels they sought many workers, and craftsmen and put them to work trying to create a truly glorious nation. Like many of the other northmen they have largely stayed out of the spotlight focusing on more internal matters as opposed to external matters.

House Martyn

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