House Nesvon

Lord: Erik Nesvon

Country: The Sovereign Nation of Valksbourg (Now part of the Nation of Andorria)


Sigil: A murrey and or gyronny of eight with a two over one of azure and argent bugles

House Words: With clarion’s call

Demonym: Valksbourger

House Nesvon is an old, old house, able to draw its roots right to the very heart of the Old Empire. Moving with their liege lords the Bannons when they expanded west, and settled down on the eastern side of The Giant’s Hand. Historically Nesvon has always largely thrown its support beside their Bannon masters. But recently this has changed. During the warring states period, their calls for help were largely ignored by the Bannons as they sought to desperately defend their estates and their people. This caused them to be savaged by the Everite offfensives. Though eventually Bannon repsonded to their calls for aid, they arrived too late for most everyone. Nesvon has never forgiven them for this.

To add insult to injury, because Nesvon was so horrendously reduced in power in the aftermath of the period of warring states, they actually even lost parts of their estates to many different “upstart” houses that sprang up in the aftermath of the warring period. Despite being reduced in grandeur, it can still be undoubtedly said that they are still strong having recovered well in the aftermath. When Andorria came about to annex, Nesvon only put up what can be described as a token resistance at best. By and large though it has been hinted by their more suspicious neighbours that they actually like being part of Andorrian rule. House Nesvon is currently ruled by Erik Nesvon who is the brother of Lady Ava Braye.

House Nesvon

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