House Talvosian

Last Ruler: Archon Nerovar Talvosian the eighth of his name, known as “Corpsemonger” House talvosian

Country: The Sovereign Oligarchy of Everon

Capital: Deeping Vale

Allies: None

Sigil: An argent gargoyle, and argent bats two over two upon a sable field

House Words: “For the Glory!”

Demonym: Everite

During the Talgenorian Expansion

An old house coming from the eastern parts of the Old Empire; they were chosen to be the overall field commander of the expansionist forces pushing into western Morinar. This was a job they performed adequately, though many of the other houses raised complaints about their human wave and attrition based tactics. Eventually however they were replaced by the newer trend of a war council with individual theatre commanders; which they chose to see as the younger, upstart houses usurping power from their rightful betters. A wrong they chose to avenge during the Period of Warring States.

During the Period of Warring States

This period started off explosively for the Everonians as they launched major attacks against House Bannon which saw House Martyn going to their aid. Though their troops were sore beset by forces from two great houses and their bannermen, the Talvosians chose to hold on and keep sending men up to the front, a fact which many other houses exploited by sending raiding parties deep into Everon. With nothing left but greybeards and younglings to send to the front, the Oligarchs of Everon resorted to the blackest of arts to maintain their lines: necromancy. Though they enjoyed far greater success this desperate measure resulted in all of western Morinar uniting against them. The entire oligarchy was crushed and either killed or scattered into the four winds. The Sovereign Oligarchy of Everon was then divided by the victors.

House Talvosian

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