House Torwen

Current Ruler: King Roderick of House Torwen, the first of his name, known as “Elf-Bane” and Queen Cristiana of House Torwen House torwen

Country: The Sovereign Realm of Aesmoor

Capital: Aesward

Allies: The Nation of Kronslund, and the Principality of Galimond, both nations bound by the “Pact of Three Kings”

Sigil: An argent boar trippant upon an or rondel, upon a vert field

House words: “Ever vigilant”

Demonym: Aesmoori

During the Talgenorian Expansion

Being an old and prominent house within the Old Empire at the time, they were amongst the first to be granted a position amongst the first wave of expansionist armies issuing forth to conquer in the name of the Emperor. They were amongst the first to meet the Elvish people in open battle and amongst the first to have brutally crushed them as well. It was only when the Elves retreated to their forests that House Torwen began to suffer. The flower and pride of their house was cut down by guerrilla attack after guerrilla attack as the Elves continually retreated deeper and deeper into their forests. The worst blow was when Lord Howard Torwen and his son Gregory Torwen was cut down by a cowardly ambush. This event would spawn a hatred of Elves within the country that would last up to the current day.

During the Period of Warring States

War erupted brutally first within the Aesmoori borders as the humans within decided to “cleanse” their nation of the nonhuman scum. This internal struggle lasted many many years as death squads wiped out every trace of the non human. Once this was done however the Aesmoori began to turn their eyes outward and dream of a newly united western morinar free of non human influence. Their first objective was to wage war against the Principality of Galimond, a nation which greatly profited from the huge amount of trade it received alone the River Leithen; a trade which was heavily affected by non human customers. By launching massed attacks along their southern border, the Aesmoori forced the Galimondians to return from finishing off the Valeronians and defend against them instead, which gave Valeron to the New Empire.

In Modern Times

After the Period of Warring States, the Aesmoori did agree to the Pact of Three Kings but that was only out of necessity as without it either of the now larger nations would easily subsume any of the smaller nations into its fold. Currently they are focusing on what appears to be a strict dogma of “pure hearts”, that is to say that they’re simply throwing out the last of the non humans within their borders and bringing up a new generation of hate filled citizens.

House Torwen

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