House Valeros

Last Ruler: His Majesty Moran of House Valeros, the First of his name House valeros

Country: The Nation of Valeron (Now part of the New Talgenori Empire)

Capital: Valon’s Halls

Allies: None

Sigil: Sanguine field, with a sable serpent involved

House Words: “With careful tread”

Demonym: Valeronian

During the Talgenorian Expansion

One of the later additions to the expansionist forces, House Valeros earned a name for itself by destroying several competing houses in a brutal act of treachery that has stained their house name since. Despite being scoffed at by many other houses however, the Valeros’s acquitted themselves well against the elves, and eventually settled down in the south eastern portion of Morinar. Though they tried to form relations with the dwarves, the bearded ones did not look to their oath-breaking with kindness, spat on their offers of alliance, and turned their backs upon them.

During the Period of Warring States

The war begun for House Valeros when during a routine border patrol they caught bannermen allied to House Laurent pillaging a border village. Riding to the village’s aid, the Valeronians routed the raiders, killing a large number of them. Soon afterwards negotiations were then carried out with the Galimondans who proved to be incredibly haughty and derisive of the Valeronian peoples. The talks broke down quickly, and where words once echoed, sword blows now rang against shields and all out war ensued. Though the Valeronians acquitted themselves well against the haughty Galimondans the doom of Valeron was sealed when the New Talgenori Empire entered the war and smashed into the back of the Valeronians. Unable to hold two fronts the nation collapsed into itself and was forcefully annexed by the New Empire as Galimondan attention was drawn elsewhere. The entire royal family and all of its blood descendants were recorded as being killed.

House Valeros

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