House Warrick

Current Ruler: His Majesty Bradley the Third of House Warrick, known as the “White Knight” and Her Majesty Mirabelle of House Warrick House warrick

Country: The Nation of Kronslund

Capital: Westhold

Allies: The Principality of Galimond, and the Sovereign Realm of Aesmoor, both nations bound by the “Pact of Three Kings”

Sigil: A pair of crossed argent lances upon a quartered field of purpure and or

House Words: “With Thunderous Step”

Demonym: Kronsman

During The Talgenorian Expansion

One of the earliest houses to join the expansion effort, House Warrick has had a long and illustrious history by providing one of the finest mounted forces to ever issue sally out from the Old Empire. Taking their battalions of cavalry westward they formed the vanguard that brought the fury of Talgenor upon Elvish and barbarian heads alike. Pushing into the western grasslands they established themselves there and many lords in this time used to send their knights to train with House Warrick. They were also among the last of the great houses to shed their allegiance to the Old Empire; and while officially they count themselves as free it is rumoured that there are still many sympathizers within the nation.

During the Period of Warring States

During this time period instead of engaging in battle with other nations; Kronslund turned upon itself. Horses and armour are expensive to maintain at the best of times, and many years of bad harvests, droughts, and taxes pushed the people over the edge. Goaded upon by rabble-rousers the smallfolk began a militant uprising. Known as the “People’s Rebellion” it was actually successful in that they managed to create a constitutional monarchy; a method of government which stands to this very day. By the time the nation was finished restructuring itself however, most of the fighting had already finished and the new borders of various nations were already drawn out and fortified.

In Modern Times

In more recent years Kronslund has had a resurgence of the knightly virtues and has begun to sponsor and host many grand tournaments throughout the country. The king himself has taken a great interest in this resurgence and regularly participates in the jousts and melees. However while all of this excitement is fine and dandy all its serving is to distract the populace from the real problem of barbarian raids, which have become a much more frequent occurrence as of late.

House Warrick

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