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“Walking into your library, the smell of vellum, and dust fills your nose as you take in all the collected knowledge you possess. A humble collection of books resides here, and while it is enough for general information, you would need to seek outside sources for more specialized knowledge.”


Common Lore

A General History of Western Morinar
Duelling and the Law
Everyday Living
Forms of Address
Morinaran Law
On Banners and Country
On Good Governance
The Lands, People, and Clothing of Morinar
The Languages of Morinar
Time and Calendar

The Great Houses

House Drago
House Laurent
House Martyn
House Torwen
House Warrick

The Fallen Houses

House Bannon
House Talvosian
House Valeros

The Minor Houses

House Braye
House Nesvon
House Avondale

Other Human Tribes and Factions

The Barbaric Peoples
The Old Talgenor Empire

The Templars

The History of the Templars
The Holdings of the Templars
Of Colleges and Hedge Mages


The Council of Nisae
The Gods of the Pantheon
The Gods of Darkness


General Knowledge

The History of the Dwarves

Clans and Holds

The Dwarven Noble Houses
The Dwarven Realm

Dwarven Beliefs

The Religion of the Dwarves
The Ancestor-Gods

Relations and Diplomacy

The Relations of the Dwarves


General Knowledge

The History of the Elves
Elven Languages
The Elven Heritage System
Elven Age Skew

The Elven Houses

Lesser Houses

Elven Religion

The Religion of the Elves
The Gods
Elven Legends

Relations and Diplomacy

The Relations of the Elves


House Rules and Other General Information
On Northern Culture

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