Morinaran Law

Crime and punishment

The laws in Morinar are essentially decrees passed down from the various kings. Each kingdom will have different laws, but by and large the following information below can be taken as a general guide to the severity and likely punishments for the following violations. It should also be noted that the ability for the law to be obeyed is largely determined by the willingness of the knight or noble in charge of the land to actually enforce it. The resultant punishment can also determined by the mercy of the knight or noble in charge of the trial as well.

An alternative to the traditional trial is the judicial duel, otherwise known as trial by combat. This can be used by any party should they feel that they are being represented or being judged unfairly in some way. One is also allowed a champion if they cannot represent themselves appropriately (i.e. if they are crippled in some way). The winner of this battle is decided to be in the right by the gods. Anyone of any status can request trial by combat, though cross status duels are a very rare occurrence. To refuse trial by combat or to not appear to it can been seen as an admission of guilt.

Any crimes that are unlisted tend to be judged in severity by the individual in charge of the prosecution or by a council of peers. Punishments for minor crimes consist of anything from a flogging to imprisonment. Punishments for major crimes usually involve some sort of permanent physical debilitation such as branding or maiming, or even death. Repeat offenders can find that the harshness of their punishment will increase depending on how many offences they have caused.

Minor Crimes

Bearing false witness

Major Crimes

Desecration of a sacred site
Using forbidden magick

Morinaran Law

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