Current Ruler: Lady Iw’yn “the Monstrous” Ses’yl
Country: Blackstone Hall
Capital: Blackstone Hall
Allies: N/A
Sigil: Members of House Ses’yl carry no sigils. They do not bear flags – they bear the embalmed heads of foes they have slain.
House Words: “We will prevail!”


The Silver Age
From the start of The Silver Age, House Ses’yl was known for its brutality in combat. Their reputation began when House Ishild began fighting back against the Orcs and Goblins. House Ses’yl took to arms with great valour. When it came time to fight against the men and women of Sorw’yn, House Ses’yl showed no mercy. And when Anguish began, House Ses’yl stayed true to form, and caused more damage to the Dwarves than any other house. Morbid, macabre, and effective – Lady Iw’yn Ses’yl and House Ses’yl were feared by all.

Their most notable contribution to the history of Elves was also written about by the Dwarves. During Anguish, Lady Ses’yl led her family and most brutal regiment across the Sea of Wretches, navigating through a brutal storm to land on the east side of the mountains. They then marched to Blackstone Hall, and brutalized its inhabitants. It is rumoured that House Ses’yl lives on in Blackstone Hall, but they haven’t been heard from since.


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