The Ancestor-Gods

Moradin, First of the Ancestor-Gods, The Soul Forger

Alignment: Lawful Good

Paths: Earth, Strength, Metal

Ritual Weapon: War Hammer

Skills: Crafting, Athletics, Survival, Search

The first of the ancestor-gods, Moradin is most often depicted as a stern faced dwarf, with an iron grey beard that reaches to his knees. Amongst the dwarves he is amongst the most worshipped, perhaps only equalled by the more militaristic followers of Braki. Seen foremost as a creator, many of Moradin’s followers also tend to also be craftsmen. Dwarves from all walks of life can be found amongst his followers.

Moradin’s clerics teach that only through honest toil and rigorous testing can truly show one’s worth. Of course for a dwarf these tests can happen in any situation, as just as many of Moradin’s followers can be found testing their faith and mettle upon the battlefields, as well as behind that of an anvil. His favoured weapon is the warhammer.

Moradin’s clerics dress in grey robes and can be found most often behind an anvil or preaching at any dwarfish settlement. They can also be sometimes found in roles of leadership, though those are rare cases.

Temples to Moradin are often built in the squat dwarfish fashion, and usually feature some sort of forge or workship attached to it. It also tends to be decorated with all sorts of ancestor faces, most often the builders of the temple, or their own ancestors. Hammer, anvil, and cog designs are also not uncommon.

Braki, Second of the Ancestor-Gods, The War Maker

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Paths: Fire, Metal, Strength, War

Ritual Weapon: Battle Axe

Skills: Athletics, Crafting, Survival, Tactics

The second of the ancestor-gods, Braki is most often depicted as an ebulliently roaring dwarf with a bright red beard. Amongst the dwarves he is most often worshiped by the most warlike and martial minded of their race. Unequivocally almost only warriors can be found amongst his followers, with an odd sub-cult based around atoning with death gaining ground.

Without a doubt, all of Braki’s clerics will constantly proselytize about the superiority of dwarven arms and war make. They are most often pushing for efforts of reconquest or for avenging slights that require militaristic force to settle. Braki’s clerics will teach that the only true way to settle an issue is with force of arms. It is not uncommon for some followers to settle issues by honour duels.

Braki’s clerics dress in dark red robes, and are usually found walking the underways, or with dwarvish soldiery bolstering their morale and fighting power with their divine might and fervour. Additionally they tend to wear an axe amulet around their necks as well.

Temples to Braki usually feature a massive brazier that illuminates the whole temple. Additionally, banners tend to adorn the walls, as well as axe and hammer designs being relatively common.

Viora, Third of the Ancestor-Gods, The Wise

Alignment: Neutral Good

Paths: Light, Knowledge, Order,

Ritual Weapon: Shod Staff

Skills: Investigate, Search, Haggle, Crafting

The third of the acestor-gods, Viora is most often depicted as a contemplative dwarf woman with a serene look of peace upon her face. She is the least worshipped of the ancestor-gods, but the most worshipped amongst the elders and sages of the dwarf realms. Without a doubt some of the brightest minds of the dwarf realms can be found in her congregation.

All of Viora’s clerics can be considered bookish, however do not mistake that for them being easy to cow. Viora’s clergy will staunchly defend any repository of dwarven knowledge with as much fervour as a cleric of Braki waging war against the goblin-kind. Viora’s clerics teach that all knowledge should be archived, and that the teachings be used for the betterment of all. They violently oppose the teachings of Vecna in this regard.

Viora’s clerics dress in robes of blue trimmed in gold. They are primarily knowledge seekers, and can often be found either maintaining libraries, or even leading expeditions into hostile territory to recover some ancient artefact or shred of knowledge.

Temples to Viora follow the traditional squat look of all dwarvish buildings. They also tend to maintain extensive libraries on all variety of topics.

The Ancestor-Gods

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