The Council of Nisae

The people of Morinar, having been a part of the Talgenorian Empire continue to use their gods in their daily rites and rituals. The Council of Nisae took place in 4 S.E. so that the learned men of the Temple Pantheon could decide what was to be done now that they were completely cut off from the rest of the Empire. It was resolved that they would reform a new order and hierarchy based upon the current clergy in Morinar as well as continue in the traditions passed down from the Talgenorian Empire. They took an extremely negative stance to any changes in religion viewing such things as a heresy, any new religions, as well as outlawing necromancy and other such dark magicks.

The Mythos of the Temple Pantheon

In the beginning there was naught but chaos. Magic, uncontrolled, flowed through the void, and a surge of power created the fair land of Morinar, and threw up the heavens and the stars. Primitive man walked throughout the land, and the long night threatened to swallow whole the bright shining light of humanity. The dark gods, hungering for worshippers and sacrifice were drawn in by the birth cries of this new world. With fire and slaughter they came upon the world, drawing in men with dark hearts and the willingness to do darker deeds. With no one to turn to, beasts and abominations hunted man who sought to hide away in the caves, but twas all for naught. Many were killed, and many more were enslaved and taken away.

However these slaves were a good and hardy folk, who had worshipped the land around them. They worshipped the sun, they praised magic pervading the air, exalted the deep woods, and lamented the honourable dead. From their strong and simple faith sprang the gods Solemaeus, Mannus, Altanus and Malia. Seeing the terrible evil that the dark gods were bringing upon the world, Solemaeus rallied his fellow gods and freed the slaves. A terrible war ensued. Brother fought brother, and fathers buried their sons, but in the end Solemaeus and his allies were victorious.

At the end of the war, the dark gods were driven into the sea, imprisoned deep beneath the waves for all eternity. With the shattered land around them, Solemaeus and his fellow gods led the faithful to a new land, a land called Morinar. Though the journey was hard, and many did not make it through. Despite that though, it was still the dawn of a new age. Solemaeus wed Malia, and through their divine union sprang forth Aquillon, Agria, and Profectus, gods that would oversee other aspects of life now that the liberated peoples were settling down. Aquillon oversaw their laws, Agria their fields, and Profectus’s purview were their festivals. In time Altanus also took a wife in Agria and a harmonious balance was created in the natural world.

Peace reigned for a while, however it would be Profectus who would disrupt it. During a great festival, Profectus tricked Malia into mating with a bull. It was from this union that Vaedus the god of strength was created. While Vaedus was grudgingly instated into godhood, Solemaeus passed his judgement down upon the vile trespass that Profectus has committed. Profectus was banished to walk the roads forever , and unwittingly became the patron god of travellers and adventurers. Thus was the world created, and thus do the gods hold their vigil.

The Council of Nisae

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