The Dwarven Noble Houses

The following noble houses are the noble houses that rule the various holds, or have ruled the various holds in north to south order. Their current whereabouts (if they are dispossessed) are also listed down. A brief history is also included for reference.

Clan Ironcarver

Current Thane: Galf Ironhand

Hold: Hammerfall Hold

Sigil: Crossed argent picks on a field of crimson

Clan words: “By our labours”

The Ironcarver clan has been the undisputed masters of the northern part of the Dwarven mountains for many many centuries. They were the first clan to follow Moradin in establishing the Hammerfall Hold, and amongst the finest of the Dwarven smiths. The Ironcarver clan fought with distinction in the Silver Age as their Ironguard slew many an elfling. During the Bronze Age they established North Hall as an extension and trade port of Hammerfall Hold. Clan Ironcarver maintains good relations with the New Empire and Andorria. The Anvil of Moradin can be found in
Clan Ironcarver’s halls.

Clan Stoneborn

Current Ruler: High King Thengar Hammerhand

Country: Ancestor’s Hold

Sigil: A gold hammer atop an azure mountain on a gules field

Clan words: “Strength of Stone”

In the Gold Age, Clan Stoneborn was the first of the clans to be awakened by Moradin, and they stand as the leaders of the Dwarven realms. Gifted in the lore of all three ancestor-gods, Clan Stoneborn can boast to possessing many of the finest talents of all the Dwarven clans. During the Silver Age it was Clan Stoneborn that led the Dwarven forces to victory over the pathetic Elves, and during the Bronze Age it was Clan Stoneborn that saw the wisdom is forging alliances with the humans. Going into his four hundredth year, it is Thengar Hammerhand who leads dwarfdom, and who wields the Hammer of Moradin, and no wiser head can be found amongst the Dwarves.

Clan Copperfoot

Current Thane: Romek Haddarsson

Hold: Dragon’s Bane Hold

Sigil: A tawny boot above an argent wyrm skull on a sable field

Clan words: “Sure and Steady”

Clan Copperfoot has a proud martial tradition, following in their most cherished ancestor Braki’s footsteps. During the Gold Age it was Orven Riggunsson who propelled their clan into prosperity by slaying the great wyrm Skamander. For this martial act the clan was given Braki’s own axe in recognition of this deed. It is a weapon that every thane of the clan has wielded to this day. In the Silver Age the clan fought with distinction against the Elves, where they often served in the van of the Dwarven armies. With the meteor strike in the Bronze Age, Clan Copperfoot finds itself manning the wall with the New Empire. Tensions have been strained however, with the recall of many Dwarven forces above ground.

Clan Gemgather

Current Thane: Korek Naggarsson

Hold: The Glimmering Deep

Sigil: A gem argent on a field of purpure

Clan words: “A gem in the rock is a gem in the hand”

Clan Gemgather bears a long and illustrious history that stems back to the Gold Age. Moving the farthest south of the realm they have situated themselves uniquely for trade which they utilized to their full advantage when relations with the Elves were favourable. Once relations turned sour however, they were the first to suffer Elven reprisal. The clan’s fortunes however upturned once more in the Bronze Age. By establishing the Glimmering Deep where it is, they have almost monopolized trade to the more wealthy human settlements in the Bronze Age. All through Galimond, and Kronslund do these enterprising Dwarves trade, with some boats even trekking as far as Andorria. Notably however they are now largely cut off from the rest of the Dwarven realm, and tend to be taking a more and more hardline stance towards traders despite being the ones to set up the human quarter in their Hold. Whether this is a sign of hard times, or whether its simply something else remains to be seen.

Clan Redmane

Current Ruler: Morgrim Morgrimsson

Country: Morgrim’s Hold (Crackjaw’s Mount)

Currently residing in: Dragon’s Bane Hold

Sigil: A sanguine ancestor face on a field of or

Clan words: “By the blood of our foes”

A fierce and determined clan, Clan Redmane’s history is steeped in the blood of their enemies as much as theirs. They established their Hold by slaughtering a goblin tribe that had taken up residence in a small cave network. Despite Dwarven tenacity, the goblins were still fearsome foes, and in the final stages of the conquest; it was actually believed that their then leader Morgrim Norrisson had fallen. The whole conquest might actually have failed if it were not for Morgrim bursting out from a pile of goblin bodies, drenched completely in blood to charge into the flank of a formation, thus did the Clan derive its name. It was during the Silver Age that the Clan’s fortunes began to decline. Steel and iron could not prevail against the wrath of the earth, as the holds walls, and tunnels collapsed, cracked open, or were submerged in lava.

As if this were not enough, orcs and goblins then poured in, in their hundreds and their thousands seeking to pillage and despoil the hold. Despite a long and bloody siege, the orcs and goblins did eventually take the hold, which forced Thane Morgrim to make a hard decision. Should he fight to the last, or should he take his people, take what he could and leave? It is a testament to his wisdom that his people made it out of that ruined hold. Taking what they could and sealing the rest, the few survivors of his clan made their way to Hammerfall hold, where they reside to this very day. It is foremost in the clan’s thoughts to eventually retake their fallen hold.

Clan Stoutforge

Last Known Ruler: Thane Thaymar Cragnisson

Hold: Blackstone Hall

Sigil: A black anvil and hammer on a vert field

Clan words: “By hammer and anvil”

A clan that established Blackstone Hall towards the end of the Gold Age, they were renowned for their stone masonry. It is presumed that they fought to the last when the Elves took their Hall. No survivors have been recorded and no expedition parties have returned to confirm this having all mysteriously vanished when sent to investigate the ruined hall.

Clan Bronzehand

Current Thane: Rannek Vannarsson

Hold: Copper Hills Combine (Darkmaw’s Cavern)

Currently residing in: Hammerfall Hold

Sigil: A tawny fist over a tawny anvil on an azure field

Clan words: “Upon the anvil”

The Copper Hills Combine was an attempt by the Dwarf realm to expand their territories inwards towards the core of the Old Empire as part of an attempt to expand their empire. It was decided that clan Bronzehand would have the honour of leading this expansion. Unfortunately this has failed and resulted in great shame to their clan. When the meteor struck and after the orcs and goblins invaded, this much reduced clan made their way north to reside in Hammerfall Hold with their heads hung low in shame. It is ever a thought in Rannek Vannarsson’s mind that he must clear away the shame that his clan has gathered through their failure.

The Dwarven Noble Houses

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