The Gods of Darkness

Just as there are gods that look upon Morinar with benevolence and goodwill, there are gods who wish nothing more than misery, pain, and death to befall those that inhabit this fair land. The following are the known gods of darkness.

Sarrask, The Slaughter Master, the Gore Fiend

The deity of slaughter, Sarrask is depicted as a bulky, muscular human bearing 4 arms, and with the head of an overly tusked asiatic lion. In battle he wields a scimitar in each hand, and his furious aspect is terrible to behold.

Sarrask is a deity who rejoices in slaughter and panic. In civilised lands, small criminal cells are his most common worshippers. In more barbaric lands, many more followers can be found. Sarrask urges his followers to shed blood for its sake, and to destroy anyone who would deny them. For Sarrask, the act of bloodshed is his most celebrated ritual. Those who cannot be killed should be maimed, and that which cannot be taken must be destroyed.

The clergy of Sarrask favour rust red robes. They are often cruel and sadistic people. In civilised lands, a low profile is kept, while in more barbaric lands they can rise to positions of great power and influence. Sacrifices often feature in their services.

Any place where great bloodshed has taken place is considered a suitably holy site for Sarrask. In civilised lands these are often back alleys and side streets where vicious gang wars and horribly crimes have happened. In more barbaric places Sarrask’s followers often erect squat fortresses, where great battles and massacres have taken place. They often string their victims up where all who pass by can see.

Zotakus, The Tyrant Lord, Scourge of Battle

The god of tyranny, Zotakus sometimes appears as a dark mirror to Aquillon, clad in black enamelled plate where as Aquillon shines in his own polished plate. In general, Zotakus is shown as a humanoid garbed in dark enamelled plate, with a full helm that covers his face. He carries a weapon in each hand, with the weapons varying from culture to culture. Zotakus and Aquillon share a special hatred for each other.

Zotakus preaches that his followers should conquer and destroy all who oppose him. The world is a dark and terrible place, and only through tyranny and strength can one establish order in this world. To achieve one’s goals one must be cruel and unrelenting, for it is the only path to success. Tyranny is the only way in this world, and dissenters and protesters must be brutally quelled.

Zotakus’s clerics go garbed in black. Like Sarrask, Zotakus is more commonly worshipped in barbaric lands, where his followers built squat fortress temples much like Aquillon’s followers. In more civilised lands the worship of Zotakus is not as hidden as some of the other gods, but is still seen as a great taboo. Zotakus usually finds followers in organised crime as well as any particularly aggressive or iron-fisted warriors. His clerics are often found at the right hand side of the most aggressive and tyrannical crime bosses and lords. Additionally a large number of his clerics disguise themselves as clerics of Aquillon so that they may influence the creation of laws and military matters at a much higher level.

Temples to Zotakus are always massive imposing fortresses, the better with which to cow the common people into submission. Many of his temples are constructed on sites which have seen great bloodshed and slaughter.

Thanos, The Lich King, The Undying

A deity of death, Thanos is widely feared. He is most often depicted as a skeletally gaunt and pale man, swathed in a black cloak bearing a gleaming scythe. He counts many among his followers, most infamously the house of Tulgarion whose members were deposed and sent fleeing into the northern wastes.

Thanos is a patron of those who seek to spread death in all of its forms. All are equal in his cold realm for in death all are brought to their knees. Every living thing is an affront, and every death brings a slight spark of joy to his eyes. A land ruled by nothing but the undead would be a true paradise for Thanos. Those who only pray to Thanos bring about their own doom, where as those who slay and desecrate in his name have his blessing bestowed upon them.

The clerics of Thanos are an insane and solitary lot. Few dare tolerate their presence, especially in the wake of the atrocities that house Tulgarion carried out. His followers have few organised churches. This means that much of the time his followers war against each other constantly. Despite this the mere mention of Thanos can make even the most stout hearted Morinaran shudder. His clerics tend to favour mourning garments as their clothing when not in disguise and are often found searching for spell books, or in grave yards raising the dead. Some take up the solitary life, putting on a nice face when they enter a new village and kill a few people before moving on.

Temples to Thanos are extremely rare. Most often they are found in forgotten tomb complexes, and house many undead creatures. Other abominations of the night can also be found here.

Occulon, The Maimed Lord, The Whispered one

Occulon is a deity of secrets. It was once said that Occulon may have been a brother to Aquillon but in his need for knowledge he looked too deep and too far. It was in this instant that scholars say Occulon gazed upon the primordial truth, and in a fit of madness ripped out one of his eyes. He appears to his followers in mainly as a curly haired youth, with a gaping wound on his face, that constantly bleeds.

According to Occulon there isn’t anything in the world that can be destroyed with a secret. In the middle of every good heart lies a seed of darkness that lies hidden to everyone but the self. Occulon extols his followers to find that seed and use it to destroy their enemies. For Occulon knowledge is power, and one should never let slip all that he knows lest that be used against him.

Occulon’s clerics subvert governments, seduce good folk, and plot to eventually rule the world. Naturally they are very secretive folk, often disguising themselves lest they be discovered and killed. Of all the dark gods it is Occulon’s clerics that are the most organised. They often operate in small cells, which are warded against unauthorized entry. They often seek arcane rituals and methods to further their goals, and liaise with the local criminals in finding and discovering information. A tantamount goal of theirs is finding the primordial truth and unleashing it upon a world, for if it could drive a god mad, what would it do to mere mortals? They favour red and black when undisguised.

Temples to Occulon are either extremely well hidden, or tucked away, or disguised in plain sight. Bordellos and bars are often used for such purposes. They almost always include vast archives of information that the clerics have collected.

The Gods of Darkness

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