The History of the Dwarves

The history of the dwarves is rife with heroic last stands, and struggles against all odds. The following is simply a rough summary of the major events that have happened over their long history.

The Golden Age

The dwarves venerate their ancestors, and almost all can proudly trace their heritage back to the earliest days known as the Golden Age. In the beginning of this age was the event the dwarves dubbed “The Soul forging” a process in which their ancestor gods forged them out of the earth, and breathed life into them. Awakening in the very roots of the mountains that they would come to inhabit, dwarven legends say that Moradin, Braki, and Viora showed the first dwarves the art of metal working, and all things to do with stock and stone. It was in this time that their realm was carved into mountains and that the great underway was constructed.

Such was the might of the Dwarvish empire in these days that they soon began pacifying the lands all around them, which mainly consists of modern day Morinar by quashing the barbaric peoples there who worshipped foul gods, as well as various Orc and Goblin tribes. It was during this campaign that the dwarves met up with the elves, and a great friendship was forged and both peoples prospered greatly. The ending of this age was marked by the departure of the dwarf ancestor gods.

The Silver Age

This friendship was put to the test however when orcs, goblins and other foul creatures descended upon the Dwarven Realm. Where they came from none can say, but what is certain is that much blood was shed and strife followed. The dwarves and elves held the line despite the cost in lives. It was only during the most pivotal battle though that this conflict was dubbed “The War of the Bloody Beard”. A massive force of orcs and goblins, the largest seen yet descended upon the dwarf battle line, at what is now the Boiling pass. The dwarves had a strong position; but did not have the numbers to hold it as they were expecting Elvish reinforcements to arrive and strengthen their lines. The Elves did not arrive.

What was supposed to be a strong defensive battle that would see many orcs and goblins dead turned into an utter rout. Everywhere throughout the mainland, was this abandonment repeated. Elves did not appear when promised or just outright disappeared from the garrisons they were holding without explanation. The dwarves however, being a grim and stoic people did not despair; they merely tightened their belts and strode forward hacking and hewing down orcs wherever they went. After fifty long years of war they finally pushed the orcs back out once more.

Though they had broke the back of the greenskin hordes for many decades, the dwarves were hardly satisfied as there was a reckoning to be had with the oath breaking elves who had abandoned them in their darkest hour of need. Thus began the War of Vengeance, a war in which all dwarven might was unleashed upon the colonies of the elven settlements. No mercy was given, no quarter was asked. Though ultimately victorious, not all goes well for the dwarves, Blackstone hall is lost to the elves.

The dwarven victory however, was short lived. The mainland was wracked by many earthquakes and fierce storms, which caused the dwarves to retreat back into the deeps. Morgrim’s hold was lost to lava flooding the depths and their walls being cracked open by the tremors of the earth. This allowed the many greenskin tribes a chance to surge back into the fore, and ultimately the hold was lost.

In the wake of this terrible disaster, the dwarves shut their doors to the outside world, and began to wage a defensive war with the greenskins that managed to find their way underground. In this time the elves slunk back to the mainland to reclaim lost territory.

The Bronze Age

It was in 38 T.E. that the dwarves first made contact with the people who would eventually establish the successor kingdoms that would flourish in western Morinar. Though at first hesitant to treat with the human emissaries, it was the current High King Thengar Hammerhand who proclaimed that the Dwarvish people would hide behind their doors no more, and thus a great trade relation was created between the two peoples. North hall and the Copper hills Combine is established.

This trade relation then blossomed into a full alliance when both races had shed blood for each other clearing the mainland of the greenskin and barbarian filth. When the meteor hit, human colonisation was fully underway in western Morinar, and absolute chaos broke out. In order to shield themselves Dwarven gates were once again shut to the world for a time, opening again once calm had been restored. The Copper Hills Combine was lost to the orcs and goblins in this time.

Trade relations were quickly restored with all of the successor kingdoms in the wake of the calamity, and military treaties and oaths were resworn. Despite the fragmentation of a once unified land, the dwarves still stand as staunch and enduring allies to most of the new kingdoms; if not militarily at least commercially.

The History of the Dwarves

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