The History of the Templars

Serving as the military arm of the Temple Pantheon, the Knights templar is a military brotherhood combining the training of warriors, and the faith of monks who only answer to the patriarch. Founded in 107 S.E. the purpose of the Knights Templar was to crush witches, undead, and necromancers, as well as to protect the faith from the heretic and the heathen.

In the battles against the Talvosian’s the Templars greatly distinguished themselves and carried out the main goal of their order with a great fervor. Even after the period of warring states concluded the Templars still had their hands full putting down various pockets of undead, covens of witches, and foul necromancers. Eventually their goals expanded to protecting pilgrims as well as they journeyed from holy site to holy site. When the orcish invasion occurred they contributed a great deal of their military power to fighting them off. In the many years afterwards, they continued to have a very public presence and the people were joyous of their support.

Their current Grandmaster is Sigismund Gerhardt, known as “the Righteous”, and “Hammer of Witches”. Their current headquarters is the grand keep “Vigilant’s Watch” in Western Morinar; on the western borders of House Warrick territory.

The sigil of the Templars is a black seven pointed star laid upon a white field.

The History of the Templars

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