The Holdings of the Templars

Way Stations

These buildings dot the landscape of Morinar, bearing the banner of the Knights Templar. Way stations function as temporary resting houses for patrols, and patrols of Templars can often be found here. Most way stations tend to have small hidden caches of supplies as well as a small shrine to the pantheon attached to it.

Temple houses

Larger more permanent buildings than the smaller way stations, Temple houses are often placed at critical junctures where larger populations of Templars can be found. These are often where many patrols are based off of, and patrols tend to travel to another temple house and back taking advantage of any way stations along the way.

Temple houses are built to be easily defendable structures in case of attack. The builders took it as a possibility that larger or more daring groups of raiders would covet the large stores of supplies that temple houses possess. The Temple houses also have a chapel and various skilled labourers such as farriers, and black smiths.


Only appearing after the warring states period, Templar castles function just like any other nobleman’s keep. They serve to instil the power and majesty of the Templars into to the surrounding environs, with sweeping spires and thick stone walls. Castles tend to be the military backbone of the Templars in the region and most of the Templars involved in the militaristic roles can be found here.

Additionally many peasants already live on the land and as such the commanders of the castles are also concerned with the welfare of those who live under his jurisdiction. Castles tend to also have full churches and many skilled labourers inside the walls.


These tucked away shrines tend to be run by the non combatant arm of the brotherhood, providing shelter and aiding those in need regardless of who they are. They often minister to any surrounding villages and rely on the generosity of those who they help to keep themselves fed and clothed.

Honorary holdings

These holdings belong to the honorary Templars who have recently entered the brotherhood but have not given away their worldly possessions. They are not true brothers per se, and are often frowned down upon by the militaristic arm, and those who have served for longer. The holdings of the honorary Templars encompass many different types of structures from masons to ferry docks. They usually have the sigil of the Templars displayed somewhere to show their patronage.

The Holdings of the Templars

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