The Relations of the Dwarves


The only people more hated than those foul Aesmoorans in the eyes of the dwarves are the elves, the original oathbreakers. Ever since the cataclysmic war between the two races, trade and contact has entirely ceased. When contact does occur though, it more often than not resolves peacefully, as neither people would wish to cause a political mess with the slaughter of each other. Needless to say it is almost impossible to get a dwarf to agree to anything an elf says unless in the most dire of circumstances.


On the whole, relations with the successor kingdoms in western Morinar show mainly strong trade ties. Those kingdoms that are geographically closer however tend to show a stronger alliance with the dwarves that go far beyond trade. These relations are examined further in depth below.

The Templars

The dwarves have a firm respect for the Templars; who they see as showing good dwarvish qualities in their bearing and manner. They trade freely and plentily with them in exchange for coinage. Occassionally the dwarves will request Templar specialists when it comes to dealing with undead on a large scale should it come to an issue on the surface, instead of requesting aid from the local governors.

The New Empire

The New Talgenori Empire is held in good regard by the dwarves. Trade is brimming, and blood has been shed standing together. The loyalty and strength of this fledgling empire is much appreciated by the dwarves, and the New Empire is seen as a steadfast ally.

House Martin

Another steadfast ally of the dwarves, they are both trade and military partners. The only other house held in as high regard is House Drago of the New Empire.

The Houses of the Pact of Three Kings

House Laurent

Well liked as trading partners by the dwarves, they account for a huge amount of trade that happens between humans and dwarves. However this is the only benefit that the dwarves see in any relations with House Laurent and their bannermen, as with recent actions, the depth of their strength and resolve has been brought into question.

House Warrick

Relations with House Warrick are fairly neutral. Though good trading partners, they do not have very many resources that the dwarves are hurting for and thus contact and trade is kept fairly low. They are afforded a wary eye though for their cavalry, despite more venerable dwarves looking down on mounted warfare.

House Torwen

Reviled by the dwarves almost as much as the hated elves; any trade between the dwarvish nation and House Torwen only happens through secondary sources such as smugglers or go betweens and even those get quashed as fast as they are discovered. Peaceful contact is even rarer as any Aesmooran will quickly rise to arms in a fit of xenophobic rage except only in the most desperate circumstances.

The Relations of the Dwarves

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