The Ties that Bind

An Eastern Threat

Dear Diary,

I’m afraid I might be getting in a little over my head. What was supposed to be a short business trip has quickly turned into something much darker. Once we arrived back at Godstone we saw strange banners flying alongside our Braye banners, white with a red circle. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the castle for long, I was approached by a mage sent by the college and told that I needed to go to Drakenholm to speak with Ryia Drago. So I quickly set off to meet with “The Iron Lady”.

I was able to get some more information on this strange new religion whilst on the boat ride to Drakenholm. I spoke with a man who told me that the flag I’d seen at Godstone was a symbol of the Great Lord, and that those at Godstone are in the Great Lord’s good graces. I’m concerned that all this has happened while we were absent, I’m not comfortable with this “Great Lord’s” so-called magic. I was also told that the Great Lord bestows the magic on those that worship him, I should be careful around his worshippers from now on, their magic is difficult to detect and in a hostile situation that could be extremely dangerous.

Once I finally reached Drakenholm I was insulted at the gates by the guards, certainly not the first time this has happened, and unfortunately I doubt it will be the last. I was eventually welcomed inside by one of the Empress’ Voices and shown to my room. The next morning, at the crack of dawn, I met with the Empress in her throne room, full of fire and naked men lining the walkway. I will be honest in saying that I was intimidated, and unfortunately she could smell it on me. She wanted to know whether we had made a pact with Galimond and when I didn’t give her a clear answer she threatened war and mocked both me and House Braye. I was not about to insult an Empress in her own throne room, but I made it clear that we in the north won’t be pushed aside as easily as she suspects.

Afterwards I was taken to the library to see if I could find any useful information. The Iron Lady’s throne room may be an eyesore, but her library is magnificent. I found a few pieces of useful information, but just as the closing bell was ringing I spotted 5 ancient tomes. I tried to grab one to take back to my room, with the intention of bringing it back in the morning, but my not-so-nimble fingers made me drop it just as a librarian spotted me. I told him that I was accidentally dropped it whilst trying to put it away and I made my way out of the library.

As I left, I ran into a strange man with a scarred face, wearing a dark black cloak. He told me to follow him, and soon I found myself in the basement of a tavern in town. I sat in this dark room for 7 days, completely asleep. I won’t disclose what happened whilst I was dreaming, but don’t think I will ever be able to forget it. I then made my way out of the city and back to Godstone, the scarred man told me that the Empress had wanted me gone and seemed to be very keen on finding me.

While marching north in Galimond I happened to spot a large number of Gregor soldiers heading north-east. I knew I had to warn the castle, so I ran along as quickly as I could. The next day I came across 30 Templars being led by Ansbak. He offered to escort me back to Godstone, as a woman travelling alone and armies openly moving about, I didn’t want to be caught by any enemies before I could warn Lord Braye at Godstone about The Iron Lady and the Gregor soldiers. I realize now that this was a grave mistake, but at the time, time was of the essence, and I secretly hoped that Lord Aiden and the others had talked some sense into Lord Braye about this new religion.

Once I finally reached Godstone I was confused by the sight of 4 thousand bloodied elves and roughly 2 thousand soldiers of House Burig standing side by side with our Braye soldiers. And unfortunately, the flag of the One God blowing in the wind.


Andrea Taihorne



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