Aiden Braye

Son and Heir to Lord Bastian Braye


Gender: Male
Age: 23
Build: Average
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 190 lbs
Handedness: Right
Skin Tone: Fair
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
General Appearance: Handsome
Languages: Common, Accented Old Talgen
Status: 3
Wealth: Comfortable

ST: 14 HP: 14
DX: 12 WILL: 10
IQ: 10 PER: 9
HT: 10 FP:10

-Claim to Hospitality (Northern Nobility)

Disadvantages and Quirks:
-Code of Honour (Gentleman)
-Over Confidence
-Slow Riser
-Proud (Quirk)
-Chauvinistic (Quirk)
-Sense of Duty (Nation)
-Minor Addiction (Quirk/Alcohol)
-Dreamer (Quirk)

-Administration 10
-Carousing 13
-Dancing 12
-Diplomacy 10
-Fast Talk 11
-History 10
-Intimidation 12
-Leadership 12
-Riding 13
-Broadsword 16
-Shield 14
-Additional +1 to “Influence Rolls”

-Mail Hauberk(Elven Crafted)/4*/Torso-Groin/13
-Mail Leggings/4*/Legs/15
-Mail Sleeves/4*/Arms/9
-Great Helm/7/Skull-Face-Neck/10

-Medium Shield DB: +2 7/40 15lbs
-Thrusting Broadsword SW +1 CUT / TH +2 IMP 3lbs


Aiden is the younger of two sons born to Lord and Lady Braye. As the legitimate son of a noble house Aiden enjoyed a privileged upbringing. He received a good education and was taught in the ways of war from an early age. Aiden found he excelled at most subjects he set his mind to but too often his head was elsewhere, dreaming of adventure and glory. His father Lord Bastian Braye considered Aiden’s daydreaming and interest in fine culture and chivalric tales tiresome, a sign of weakness, and as such spent all his attention and affection on Aiden’s elder brother Morgan. Where Aiden could be described as capable Morgan was spectacular, outshining his peers in near every field. Though envious of his older brother Aiden loved Morgan dearly, for though Morgan was only his senior by three years he was more a father to Aiden then Bastian ever was. Morgan was always there for Aiden, a reliable friend and true brother, thus his death weighed heavily on Aiden’s shoulders.

Four years ago Lord Bastian Braye fell terribly ill and stewardship of his lands fell to Morgan. Word of Lord Braye’s sickness spread and a barbarian chief known as “The King of the Wood” saw an opportunity to exploit a weak position. The King of the Wood’s band of savages fell upon the Braye lands like a pack of hungry wolves, pillaging the small hamlets and trade roads without mercy, leaving many common folk dead in the mud. Morgan’s response was reserved and calculated, dispatching scouts to better understand the raiders numbers and location before taking decisive action. Aiden however grew impatient. Sensing an opportunity for glory and to step from his brother’s shadow, Aiden rallied thirty of his father’s more eager guards and set out in the dead of night to end this “King of the Wood”.

It was not till the sun began to set on the second day Aiden and his men crossed paths with the pariahs. Aiden’s column, whilst marching across the heavily wooded foothills of the Braye Lands were set upon by the barbarians. Arrows seared through the air whilst guardsmen fell to the ground clutching at their wounds when the onslaught began in earnest. Four score of the savages burst from the trees and descended upon Aiden and his men in a brutal fury. Within the first moments of combat near half Aiden’s troops lay dead or wounded while the others became separated and overwhelmed. Aiden fought hard but it was to little avail, for every brute he cut down three more took their place and soon Aiden and a few loyal men found themselves completely surrounded. Aiden prepared himself to meet his end when a familiar sound brought hope. The bellow of a war horn burst from the trees as Morgan and an escort of knights took the barbarians from behind. Like Aquillon made flesh Morgan laid waste to enemies all ’round, hacking stabbing and trampling any foe who dared come near, but alas even a lion can be savaged by a pack of wild dogs. As Morgan rode to break the encirclement around Aiden a spear took him in the rib as an axe crushed his horse’s skull. Beast and rider fell to the ground as barbarians leapt upon Morgan, hacking and howling like madmen. Gripped by rage Aiden and his men surged forward. They cut their way to Morgan, but sadly were too late, the young heir lay mortally wounded, his blood flowing freely into the mud. As the guardsmen and knights finished the barbarians, Aiden sank to his knees beside his dying brother.

“I’m sorry,” Aiden managed choking back tears, “It’s all my fault. If I had listened, if I hadn’t-”

“Quiet pup,” Morgan replied quietly, as his face turned sickly pale, “You must be strong. Always remember I am so proud of the man you’ve become.” With those final words the life drained from Morgan’s eyes.

Of the fifty Braye men who crossed blades with the savages that day, eighteen lay dead and another twenty wounded. The fallen were buried in a cairn at the top of a windswept hill before the survivors set for home, baring their slain heir upon his shield. A recovering Bastian Braye met the column as they returned to the castle. When Morgan’s body was laid before him the Lord turned to his surviving son and promised “I will never forgive you.” He never has.

Though amicable to one another tensions between father and son remain high to this day. Aiden remains firmly under Morgan’s shadow, and though he honours his brother he hopes to one day become his own man, right his wrongs, and redeem himself in the eyes of his father. Morgan helped shape Aiden into a formidable man, it is now time to show the world his mettle.

Character Relations:

Andrea Taihorne: As far as Aiden is concerned Andrea is a loyal and steadfast councilor to House Braye, though her obsession with that wretched book is a cause for concern. Aiden views her as a cautious and caring individual who, when asked, gives sound council. Her magic provides interesting solutions to problems, though occasionally proves more trouble then it is worth leaving Aiden suspicious of its application.

Yb’sel Val’yn: There is certainly much left to be learned of elves, Yb’sel in particular. Time and time again she has displayed a surprising loyalty to the cause of Braye and Valksbourg and oft appears, at least to Aiden, that these loyalties may even surpass those to her own people. With the arrival of 4,000 elven troops Aiden now fully grasps the usefulness and benefits of close relations with the elves to the south and the need of a representative.

Markus Heinrich: Markus continues to be somewhat of an irritant to Aiden, but his demeanor has improved over the last several months and his loyalty to House Braye remains indisputable. Markus is certainly a powerful warrior, but several poor displays of leadership have lead to the deaths of a number of Braye soldiers.

Godfry Beckinsale: Aiden is not sure what to make of Beckinsale. The man is an Andorrian and let he has betrayed his people to fight on behalf of Valksbourg. Aiden believes the man is either a convincing spy or an opportunist without a country.

Guardsman Richard: Aiden once considered Richard to be among the most trustworthy and loyal of the castle guard, but his conversion and subsequent spreading of this new religion is something Aiden cannot forgive.

Aiden Braye

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