Andrea Taihorne


Name: Andrea Taihorne

Age: 30

Race: Human

Birthday: 14th of Laurus

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7

Weight: 140

Handedness: Right Handed

Skin Colour: Fair

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Dark Blonde

Appearance: Attractive

Profession: Mage

Money: 176

ST: 10
DX: 10
IQ: 14
HT: 11
HP: 10
Will: 13
Per: 13
FP: 14

Languages Spoken

  • Common
  • Talgen (Accented)
  • Old Talgen (Accented)


  • Magery Level 2
  • Cultural Adaptability With Her Race
  • Flexibility
  • Intuition
  • Innate Attack (Missile) +4
  • Shield +1


  • Sense Foes +0
  • Sense Emotion -1
  • Hide Thoughts +0
  • Truthsayer -1
  • Ignite Fire -1
  • Shape Fire -2
  • Minor Healing +0
  • Major Healing +1
  • Fireball +2
  • Create Fire -1
  • Lend Vitality -1
  • Shield +2
  • Itch -1
  • Spasm -1
  • Pain +1
  • Explosive Fireball +1


  • Charitable
  • Code Of Honor Professional
  • Guilt Complex
  • Klutz
  • Nightmares
  • Squeamish
  • Workaholic


  • Mail Hauberk (torso/groin) – 4/2*
  • Mail Leggings (legs) – 4/2*
  • Mail Sleeves (arms) – 4/2*
  • Legionary Helmet (skull/face) – 4
  • Leather Gloves (hands) – 2*
  • Boots (feet) – 2*


  • Large Knife – sw -2 cut (C,1), thr imp © – Parry -1 – ST 6 (both)
  • Large Shield – DB3 – DR/HP 9/60 – LC 4


  • Backpack (holds 40lbs)
  • Lantern
  • Oil (5)
  • Bandages
  • Sleeping Fur

Andrea was raised in a modest home in a rural village in Northern Galimond, she was an only child. Her parents Yvette and Ben Cresten owned and operated a bakery and made a modest living, but they were always a close family and everyone was expected to help out. Her family always believed in hard work, even despite her parent’s old age, as Ben and Yvette were unsuccessful in having children until they were well into their 40’s. She was always reserved and polite, even at a young age, something that was required when helping in her parent’s bakery.

As she grew older, love blossomed with her childhood friend Lionel Taihorne, a plain-faced man with messy hair and freckles who had come to town as a small boy with his father who worked as an amateur blacksmith. The two were always inseparable since they played together as children, and as they grew older their relationship became romantic. It was at this time that Andrea’s parents were growing older and were unable to attend to their bakery, Lionel proposed to Andrea and promised that they would run the bakery together. Andrea became Andrea Taihorne at the age of 17 in a very modest but joyful wedding.
Andrea and Lionel were successful in keeping the bakery afloat, but just 8 months after her wedding her mother passed away from sickness, and her father passed a few years later after falling down a flight of stairs. By the time she was 20, Lionel was the only family Andrea had, and while they were trying for a family, they weren’t having any luck.

By the time she was 24 she started to feel depressed over the fact that, despite their trying, she just couldn’t seem to have any children. Lionel, wanting to give her a rest from the stress of the shop, told her to go up to bed early and get some rest, that he would take care of the shop for the last couple of hours. She hesitantly agreed and went up to rest, but just as she was about to close her eyes she heard crashing from downstairs in the store. She rushed out of bed and bounded down the stairs, shouting to Lionel and hearing no response back. When she reached the store all the shelves were knocked over, that day’s bread scattered across the floor, and Lionel on the ground in a puddle of blood beside the counter. Whoever was responsible had already left with money and some of their bread, the door wide open and night’s cool breeze blowing in.

After Lionel’s funeral Andrea fell into a state of depression, feeling alone and helpless, unable to run her family’s store on her own. It was at this time that her magic abilities began to show themselves, modest abilities, but it helped Andrea realize that even if she was just one person, she could still accomplish something on her own. She soon enrolled in a college to refine her abilities, she never excelled and was never top of the class, but her hardworking attitude definitely got the attention of her peers and mentors.
After graduating she resolved to stand on her own two feet and to accomplish as much as she could, to get stronger, and to help others. The world had given her a special power, and she wasn’t about to waste it.

Character Relations

Aiden Braye
He is becoming a much more responsible and reasonable lord, after the mess with Lord Braye’s swayed faith, he’s key to keeping the Braye family strong. He can be overly confident at times, which can get him into sticky situations.

Yb’sel Val’yn
She’s very dedicated to her people, especially to her aide, which is why saving her life was not a question. Still finds her very mysterious, isn’t sure what Yb’sel really thinks of her but wants to try to be on friendlier terms.

Markus Heinrich
Very strong and capable, a great knight for House Braye. Finds his loyalty to House Braye very admirable. His attempts at being a mentor to Aiden come from a good place, but he’s not great at it. He tends to act rashly and can turn on you very quickly, but is willing to admit to his mistakes.

Andrea Taihorne

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