Markus Heinrich

Captain of the Godstone Guard, veteran knight of House Braye



  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 38
  • DoB: Laurus 2nd
  • Height: 6’1", 185.5cm
  • Weight: 220lbs
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Skin Colour: Fair
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Black


ST 14 HP 14
DX 12 Will 10
IQ 10 Per 11
HT 10 FP 10


Common (Native)
Talgen (Accented)

Advantages and Perks

Acute Senses (Vision, Touch)
Combat Reflexes


Code of Honour (Chivalry)
No sense of Humour
Fanatic of House Braye


Fast Draw +0
Heraldry +0
Interrogation +0
Leadership +2
Two hand sword +4
Search +1
Strategy +1
Ride +1
Lance +1


Mail Hauberk
Chain leggings and sleeves
Great helm
Heavy Gauntlets


Markus Heinrich, Captain of the Godstone Guard, veteran knight of House Braye, and only child of Georg and Talia Heinrich. Raised a soldier, he will die a soldier, true to the sword and the ways of the Northmen.

As a young man, Markus dreamed of being a knight, like his father before him. An only child, he was drowned in attention and love, and as he grew older, his family only grew closer. Without a sibling to test his mettle against, he quickly became known as the bully of his hamlet – sparring with the other children whether they wanted to or not. They feared him. He had few friends.

As he grew older, Markus’ voice dropped, along with his ego. Thinking (like most children do) that he was the king of his hill, he decided to challenge Morgan Braye to a fight. Morgan, only six at the time, did not know how to respond. His father – Bastian Braye – did. Markus woke up an hour later, with bruises, and in his place.

A lesson was learned that day. A lesson that drove Markus through his adult life, and continues to drive him to date. Every man has his place. There is an order of things. And that order is to be respected. Markus only trained harder upon this realization.

And so, after seeking forgiveness for his folly, Markus became a knight. And then, after proving his value on the battlefield, he became Captain Heinrich of the Godstone Guard. He had utmost respect for Lord Braye, and his elder son, Morgan Braye. In fact, by Bastian’s orders, Markus trained Morgan. He would serve under them wholly, as that was his place. As such, he expects his men to serve under him wholly as well.

Morgan’s death, just four years ago, shook Markus’ soul. Morgan meant a lot to Markus. He was the catalyst to who Markus is today. He was the challenge that Markus was denied, and he was the brother that Markus never had. Bastian considers the loss of Morgan to be the end of the Braye line. And so Markus has took it upon himself to whip Aiden into shape. He is, after all, the new heir.

Character Relations

Aiden Braye: The scion of house Braye has not proven himself to quite fill Morgan’s shoes. Markus sees his willingness to resort to drink and frivolous revelry as a weakness in a leader that must be hammered out. However Aiden has at least started showing signs of taking his position quite seriously, which impressed Markus, especially when he suggested taking a few of the Godstone guard to stiffen the backs of the men who marched to meet the barbarian raiders.

Andrea Taihorne: Her wisdom and insight has been a boon to house Braye. Her weak stomach though is a concern, as it is a sign that she might lack the guts to do what must be done at time.

Yb’sel Val’yn: An interesting figure. Her exact purpose in the north and her supposed assistance in house Braye’s fortunes still elude him though. Attempts should be made to be polite to her.

Godfrey Beckinsale: A decent man, if a little stupid with his tactics… at least for an Andorrian.

Markus Heinrich

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