The Ties that Bind

A Wedding Knight

When I get my hands on Broggwood I swear to Aquilon I will rip him limb from fucking limb if he doesn’t give me the information I need I’ve found but a brief moment of respite so I shall be brief. Several days ago we arrived at Burig Castle, since then nothing but woe has found us. What was to be a joyous event has been marred by trouble from the start, beginning with the Burig’s themselves. Erghast, the bloody fool, thought it wise to show the followers of this new false faith amnesty, and allowed them to live in peace, spreading their vile teachings. As one should expect it ended in bloodshed, and luckily he learned the error of his ways.

Afterwards, while attending a hunt through the Burig’s woods I was distracted by a vile trap and wounded by a crossbow armed coward. If it were not for Markus my life would have ended then and there, I have little doubt. Each step I take still sends a sharp agonizing pain through the entire left side of my body, acting as a reminder of my own mortality. In tandem with these events there have been several more of a dark and mysterious nature, but I have not the patience nor the time to recount it here. But mere moments ago, after my wedding ceremony was another attempt on the lives of myself and my wife Eredith. We have just escaped our pursuers and I now find myself considering how to proceed. Evidence has lead us to believe that son of a whore Broggwood was behind the earlier attempt on my life, and surely he has plenty to tell us. I plan to stop at nothing short of revealing this troubling plot against myself and my family, and put every craven bullheaded ass-licking dirt shitter to the sword.

-Written by the hand of Lord Aiden Braye



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