The Ties that Bind

Brittle Pacts

(Letter 1) Fel’yn kidnapped. Primary investigation suggests Avondale knight Marrow responsible. Myself and nine guards to search for her west of the castle.

Templars at the Godstone. New religion exterminated. Lord Braye under house arrest. T.H.A.B. and others to form a 6-month regency council.


(Letter 2) Fel’yn has been successfully rescued from what was clearly some sort of dark magic ritual. The Magister Andrea Taihorne has determined her to be uncorrupted, but I will be sure to keep a close eye on her from here on.

Queen Natalia Bannon has begun to push westward into Gregor lands. We have already taken a small town just past the border, and it would seem as if Q.N.B. plans to use that small town as a forward base, and will reside in the west with her children for some time. This may be a rather unfortunate set of circumstances, as there is cause to believe Bannon involvement in the kidnapping of Fel’yn. A pendant with the Bannon crest was discovered on her person, although whether it is a sign of affiliation or hostility remains to be seen. However, if there is indeed cause for concern in these matters, this places Q.N.B. at an ideal vantage point for ourselves and our safety. There is also a minute connection to the Dwarves, but all evidence as of yet lacks substance.

News regarding the dissolution of the Pact of Three Kings bodes well. We recently met with emissaries from each of the pact nations, and I proposed a very convincing set of reasons for the Galimondans and Kronsmen to abandon their Aesmoori allies. They are currently in correspondence with their respective monarchs to reach some sort of formal conclusion. When this dissolution succeeds, Aesmoor will be left all the more vulnerable to our forces north of the Sea of Wretches.

Additionally, T.H.A.B. has decided to wed with the Burig house in the creation of a “Burig-Braye” lineage. Once this wedlock is sanctified, Fyr’yn will be in direct contact with the second-largest family of Valksburg. I will journey with the wedding party both as a guest, and to ensure this marriage proceeds as planned.

I hope this news pleases the High Priestess.

In loyal fealty, Yb’sél Val’yn of Fyr’yn



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