House ishild
Head of the House: High Priestess Aylen “the Furious” Ishild
Country: Fyr’yn
Capital: Tol’yyn
Allies: Sorw’yn, The Nation of Kronslund, The Principality of Galimond (through Sorw’yn), Remants of House Bannon
Sigil: A silver circle containing a blue, infinite form with winding loops, surrounding a 20-pointed star and a circle. The Elven Symbol for eternity.
House Words: “Always onwards”


Prehistory and the Golden Age
House Ishild was a well known house during the prime of the Elven Empire. One of the numerous Noble bloodlines, House Ishild was set to be next in line for the Imperial Throne if the ruling house was to die out. This opportunity to control the vast Elven Empire never arose, as The Green Ravage shattered the Empire.

The Green Ravage
As The Green Ravage took bloodline after bloodline, and stronghold after stronghold, House Ishild decided not to stand idly by. Learning quickly, as Elves were known to do, House Ishild trained for war to fight back against the beastly invaders. As the Empire fell to pieces, House Ishild decided to separate from the Empire, and took its lands with it. The province of Fyr’yn (at the time, it included Sorw’yn) became an autonomous state under the leadership of High Priest Valyn Ishild and his wife, Lady Ewynn Ishild. Their first action with this newfound autonomy was to fight invading orcs and goblins, and bring The Green Ravage to an end.

At this point, all worship of the Goddess Imryll was banned in the province of Fyr’yn, and House Ishild turned to worshipping Tordynaar instead. This, coupled with the unilateral decision to leave the Empire, resulted in the civil war known as The Parting of Ways.

The Parting of Ways
The Parting of Ways resulted in the remaining Elven bloodlines choosing sides. On the one hand stood House Ishild – steadfast in the worship of Tordynaar. On the other stood House Áedén – insisting that Imyrll deserved continued worship. Religious tensions resulted in political tensions, and Fyr’yn was ultimately cut in two, resulting in the formation of Sorw’yn.

Silver Age
During the Silver Age, House Ishild grew very prosperous, along with the entire nation of Fyr’yn. Being a house of great soldiers and tacticians, House Ishild found itself in good terms with Dwarves. Fighting alongside the Dwarves, House Ishild pushed Fyr’yns borders north, and reclaimed Blood Wood and the surrounding areas. Trade with the Dwarves was brimming, and fighting a common foe side by side resulted in deep bonds forming. When these bonds broke, House Ishild was devastated.

Rallying with House Áedén to defend against the Dwarves, House Ishild did its best to retain its lands, but it was hopeless. High Priest Valyn Ishild and his wife Lady Ewynn Ishild were both killed on the battlefield, with reason to believe House Áedén was responsible.

The Second Fall
As the rift between House Ishild and House Áedén grew larger, High Priestess Aylen Ishild took charge of the house, and the nation of Fyr’yn.

While the Dwarves ran back to their mountains, House Ishild once more pushed forth – High Priestess Aylen Ishild was determined to restore Elven glory, and she led Fyr’yn from Blood Wood till The Talon Bay. At this time, House Ishild was approached by a new creature. Humans sent emissaries to Blood Wood, and demanded that House Ishild leave the mainland. The High Priestess refused, and the Great Theft began. House Ishild lost many good men and women, and fell back across the Sea of Wretches.

The Era of Reconstruction
House Ishild made a treaty with The Talgenorians, and though it was a strained one, High Priestess Aylen Ishild realized that her people needed a time of rest. It was at this time that House Ishild approached House Áedén to reform old bonds.

As The Period of the Warring States began, House Ishild refused to involve itself, and watched from a distance as Humans slaughtered Humans. After a few years of the war raging on, House Ishild was advised to join the war by one of the lesser houses as an opportunity to build some alliances. In turn, House Ishild suggested the same to House Áedén, and both houses led their nations into the fray.
House Ishild supported House Bannon, and the People’s Rebellion of Kronslund. While the former proved a waste of time, the latter resulted in strong ties.

The Modern Day
The relationships formed during the Era of Reconstruction remain strong. Trade is bountiful, and past hatreds are mostly buried. House Ishild continues to provide military aid where necessary, and many of its members have become Apostates as well. House Ishild has removed the religious restrictions it had once placed on the people of Fyr’yn, and there is a growing freedom of faith. The head of the house is now expected to know all religious customs, and to take part in them all as well.

After the humans fought off an Orc incursion, High Priestess Aylen Ishild decided to start a war of her own. Having entered the prime of her life, she was keen on leaving behind a legacy, and she began the War of Stolen Homes in 160 S.E. leading Fyr’yn north, she intends to take back Blood Wood from the wretched Aesmoorians. This has strained House Ishild’s ties with Galimond and Kronslund, but the friendships have not faltered yet.

In the present day, High Priestess Aylen Ishild is in the final stages of her life. She has yet to complete her objective of reclaiming the Blood Wood, and as each day passes, she only grows more fervent in her actions, despite growing weaker herself.


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